Rubrics for Peer Evaluation

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your valuable experiences and thoughts. These will help in taking the project a step further in the right direction.

Regarding the 'rating the feedback mechanism', we do plan to have a system which tries to judge the credibility of the students with regards to the accuracy of their evaluations, in addition to letting them provide the feedback. Not only, do we plan to let the learners give feedback on the evaluations and flag them if they think it to be incorrect or improperly done, we are also thinking of having a karma system where the credability of the evaluaters is measured over time and then we could have things like the weightage of the evaluations being distubuted on the basis of this. For example, a evaluation by someone who is evaluating the same person every time will be given less importance than another who tends to evaluate a wider section of the learners. This system will provide the learners an extra incentive to do the peer evaluation task the right way and also a mechanism to detect learners who try to take advantage of the system.

Akash Agarwal (talk)19:25, 2 June 2014