Quizzes and embedded interactions -- a learning design perspective

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We distinguish between formative (quizes used to support learning with feedback) and summative assessment (used for grading). In the OERu model, summative assessment is provided by anchor partners, so our focus in WikiEducator is on formative assessment.

From a learning design perspective - it is advantageous to embed / integrate quiz items within the flow of the learning materials. It is also possible to build dedicated quiz sequences, for example when a learning pathway is completed. From an implementation point of view, it would be great if we could cater for both options, i.e. a mechanism or unique identifier to find / link to individual quiz items embedded with the materials as well as dedicated "post-lesson" quizes. In short I would not like to restrict the implementation to separating quizzes from the learning materials.

Mackiwg (talk)13:41, 6 March 2014