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Proposal for GSOC '14
Project name : Course Registration


1) The new registration form can have below listed extra fields

  Institute of study
Course/branch enrolled in (for course suggestions)
Primary language (useful for multi-lingual courses)
Captcha at the end of form
Facebook/googleplus login can also be used for quick login(this requires considerable change in database though)

2)Blog widgets

  Currently the blogs used by students are that of wordpress/blogger. We can use the blogwidget of mediawiki itself. This will allow for aggregated blogs of students registered for
particular course.

3)Single section for quizzes. Same for course material (files,pdfs,photos etc)

  For course dashboard we can have a different section for quizzes. All quizzes for a course canbe kept at a single place. Quizzes can have an extra tag for course name so its easy to
accumulate. Similar thing can be done for activities.

4)Recommendation of courses

  Suggestions for similar courses when a user registers for a course. All courses can have a meta-tag which determines to which field it belongs (chemistry,biology etc)

5)Forum for each course

  A forum for each course where students can discuss doubts and queries. This is better option than individual mailing. A forum would have a log for questions asked and answers to them will
be visible to all. Link to this forum will be present on course dashboard. A block which displays only recent discussions for quick view.

6)Refinement of the following tools

  Email to registered students (no-reply mail for announcements and course instructions upon registration)