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Hi! I am very interested in learning more about your foundation. I will be traveling to Rwanda in January as a Fulbright Scholar and would love to chat with you.

Hypatia-phd (talk)10:06, 30 July 2009


I am deeply sorry for the late response to your question. My National Africa Foundation seeks to promote computer literacy among Africans on the mainland and also in the Diaspora, and e-learning among students and scholars in Africa so that they may not have to travel outside their home country for their various degrees. Finally, the foundation also promotes the use of technology (integration) in the African classroom.

Right now we are at our first stage of what other foundations generally do, and that is to support applicants with some grants or some other living expenses. That is our goal though, but at the moment we are not there yet.

For more information on our other activities, please, visit our site at or you may email me directly at contact me or leave a message for me. I would be checking this thread regularly from now onwards. Thanks for writing.


Kwaaku (talk)17:44, 6 August 2009