Quality of Openness in OER such as WikiEducator

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Taking the thread from the first page opened for this purpose (linked on our workshop home page, I now include all comments by earlier contributors here:

I really am neither happy nor worried about openness issues as they relate to copyright matters. I feel anyone should be able to do anything with online staff...otherwise people shouldn't entice others by making available online their work/staff.C'mon: you know it will likely be tampered with, so then don't put it there.

This thing is refusing to save my comments but I will force it whether it likes it or not.

I am highly excited about the idea of open content because I think it is a big contribution the development of humanity. There is no reason why anybody should continue to be poor with this kind of donation.

This is exciting because no one is left out.

Me This is a great tool for collaboration and sharing of ideas. Gone are the days were people would see themselves as fountains of knowledge and would only keep that to themselves. However, trully speaking no one can no everything. One can only be an expert on area, but as you know, we all percieve things differently and it would be wise to put what you know on an editable digital space like this one to see other people's perceptions. In addition, this digital space allows scholars and professionals all over the world to apply their intelligence and experiences to come up with a good product.

Thanks! --tatejoris 05:31, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

Tatejoris (talk)18:31, 20 March 2009