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Dear Chirove, Thanks for moderating this interesting topic, which is one of the backbone for any business development process as well as in growth stage (micro, small, medium and large enterprises). Especially for the youth led enterprises, the BDS provision is most. Practically youth entrepreneurs need more than access to credit., they equally need to know how to develop their business plan, business management, management of business finances (budgeting), time management, , improving sales, managing and reducing costs, , stock control techniques, marketing etcs.

Basically youth Enterprises needed the most integrated business support services like appropriate Skills training, Business counselling/Mentor support. Access to MIS, as well as Business expansion support. Therefore, effective BDS provision is one of the important elements for youth entrepreneurship development and for their sustainability .

Would like to hear more from other colleagues!!! With best Regards, Ekanath

Ekanath (talk)02:26, 23 March 2011

Dear Ekanath,

Many thanks Ekanath for the additional explanations and simplified deifition. Jealous

Chirove (talk)19:52, 23 March 2011