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Many thanks to you all for the comprehensive discussion on the topic, and the experiences shared. Your discussions have touched on many aspects of the topic. I would like to take advantage of this opprotunity to make one point which might be beneficial to all of us. One point which we probably need ot make is that, in reality BDS for small scale entrepreneurs are facilitated by various and different players. One can provide an aspect of it such as business training, another provider will look at another area such as market information and yet another on facilitating access to finance. This means as BDS providers, we need to know who is providing and what and where, and develoip linkages with other providers. This can lead to a referral mechanism if an entrepreneur needs something which we can not provide. In addition, as facilitators we need to have a directory of various providers so that we can refer young people accordingly. This is an important point so that we can provide or facilitate comprehensive support to our target groups. Jealous

Chirove (talk)19:41, 23 March 2011

Thanks Chirove for touching the key issues of making database of BDS providers including their products and services that they are offering in the markets. It will help support youth enterprises to select the appropriate services . Sometime B2B linkages would be the ideal place to include the both BDS supply side and demand side aspects

Ekanath (talk)20:30, 23 March 2011

My observation is that there are a lot of actors providing one or two types of services to entrepreneurs but coordination among the providers is a challenge. It is very important for entrepreneurs especially the youth to have a refferal mechanism

Mulakom (talk)04:14, 16 April 2011