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I am very happy to see you have put this project on hold. It had no forward motion and no queries regarding the lack of forward motion. I don't believe people ever truely committed to the project. I believe we were stuck in getting the contracts out (Maybe I should have taken more responsibility here). I am increasingly curious as to where the whole CCNC will go within WE, As I see it as important project (Particularly with OpenOffice 3.0 being released), yet the project never seemed to be driven by a single individual or passionate group. I believe a candid debrief of the whole CCNC project could be an interesting learning experience for those who manage OER projects... Even a comparison with the OER Handbook project... I believe your statement that larger sized OER development projects require a "benevolent dictator for life" (, or for, at least, the life of the project... I know I have a number of lessons learned from this project that I would like to write about. What are your thoughts on; 1) debriefing this CCNC MM project, 2) the CCNC project as a whole and 3) creating a candid lessons learned page...

Sincerely, Peter

Prawstho (talk)03:23, 22 October 2008