Planning on Developing Online Modules

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Hi, everyone. I am planning to develop online modules for teaching Philippine Geography, History and Government for First Year High School students and the objectives of which are to help increase the level of student academic achievement in that particular subject through integration of e-learning in teaching this subject and to develop the sense of nationalism among the students and to develop in the students the love for learning their country's history and culture. These are the things that I plan to do: 1. Develop individual lesson plans or working plans complete with classroom activities to do. 2. Continuously attend trainings and seminars related to e-learning. 3. Develop the needed software for these modules. Tap the technical expertise of teachers who are teaching Computer subjects. 4. Coordinate with the school principal, the Technology and Livelihood Education Head Teacher and with the Computer teachers regarding the use of the computer laboratories for classroom instruction. 5. Or better solicit support from local government officials and the private sector for computers that can be used solely for classroom instruction (for classroom use only). 6. Pilot-test the modules. 7. Invite the City Schools Division Superintendent, Assistant Schools Division Superintendents, Social Studies Division Supervisor, the School Principal, the Social Studies Head Teacher and the school's Teacher-Mentor to observe my classes. 8. Get feedback from the students. 9. Conduct a research on the effectiveness of the delivery of the content of these online modules. 10. Submit the copy of this research to the above-mentioned people for validation. Your comments, suggestions or feedback here are most welcome because I really need a lot of help especially on the technicalities of doing these online modules. Thank you.

Cecille2274 (talk)23:13, 18 June 2009