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There are a number of open textbooks for Physics - hope some of these will work for you

   *   A Radically Modern Approach to Physics
   * Calculus-Based Physics
   * Chaos: Classical and Quantum
   * Conceptual Physics (non-mathematical)
   * Discover Physics
   * Essential Physics
   * (Assayer review)
   * Mathematical Tools for Physics
   * (Assayer review)
   * Motion Mountain - The Adventure of Physics
   * Open Text Project — Physics
   * Physics
   * Physics (Free High School Science Texts, Grade 12)
   * Physics Light and Matter Series
         o Conservation Laws
         o Electricity and Magnetism
         o Newtonian Physics (Assayer review)
         o Optics
         o Vibrations and Waves
   * Simple Nature (Assayer review)
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