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Starting with the philosophy to create the space.

Hey I don't think that we want a school that can be easily replicated. While I understand where you are coming from, it implies a kind of one-size-fits-all approach which is not really where I am at. I definitely agree with the kiwi school approach but I think it should be more of a philosophical, educationalist, space rather than a "hey log into here and get things you can replicate in your class" I think there is a place for sharing stories and the effective things that we do. These can certainly be shared and adapted and put into practice, but replication isn't the right word. I don't know what is the right word at the moment :) What do you think?

Yeh maybe if we just start off with our own ideas/philosophy that encompasses that of others and see where it goes - drop the replicated.

1 do i need to read the book if you are going to disseminate the knowledge here - i can ask questions or add my angle? I also like lighting fires statement - I have 20 years of kids and fire photos!

The Dunedin Digital Strategy contains a one page schema - I wonder whether this is something we need to create? Components - MIE, Open Ed, Envirethical, Indigenous, Envirethical The Maui whakatauki works well - was also thinking about creating own legend? Having photos/graphics that create links to other pages - not sure if this is capable with the wiki? WikiEducator ignited Kiwi School - should it be kiwi digital school? Then are we going to log how this is implemented in our classes/schools? and in what format?

I'm wondering if we should make the kindling the lit/reading stuff, and the sparks the projects? The Future Minds may need to move into the kindling. Keep reading, it sounds intriguing. I better get back into Robinson, Loss of phone means i'm chasing up a paper version which is funny given your Future Minds stuff.

Rekrapenator (talk)12:00, 4 December 2010