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This is exactly what we were hoping for in way of an expression. And I like the idea of using treatments as the proposal tool. It has enough information to provide the gist of what the MM object will be, and yet doesn't take to much effort to complete.

I like your treatments. We have a couple other bidders so I am looking forward to what we cobble together. I'd rather get some good representation of contributors from across the WE community... There is a good chance we may extend the bounty through July as I know Wayne was going to meet up with some interested parties during PCF5...


Prawstho (talk)00:50, 26 June 2008

Great to hear that this is what you are looking for Peter. Of course, this treatment could be adopted and used by anyone, and it could turn out that there are people interested in the project who have the tools and economic context to take this quite far. ($1500 is a lot of money for some people, and not a lot for others if you know what I mean). The real detail would be in the scripting and editing, and that is more often than not sorted out in the doing.

Leighblackall (talk)14:28, 28 June 2008