On Being 19 ...

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I just spent time in the last few minutes with a young friend online that has lost his daddy in the last week .. suddenly ..

Its a sadness and a comfort to know that his feelings can match mine in the way he describes his family life .. and that he is 30 years my junior but can still have that expression of feeling like he could treat someone that badly that loved him ... My own family life was average enough I suppose - in that my parents had a 30 year age difference between them when I was born - did not add to the calmness of family life at home .. to say the least and it made me not wish participate with a great many people in my life - as being aloof and distant spares feelings in the first place .. and introversion is not that bad a lifestyle really .. at best no one gets hurt ..

My friend today needed strong support and I gave it my best attempt today to have him reassured that his daddy loved him and was with him always ... I can remember my dads death - I felt nothing ... not a thing .. but I was there when he passed away on July 6, 1993 and had been there .. for at least that last 3 weeks of his life and saw one kind moment out of him before he took his own life with a pill overdose ..

So I have tried to give my friend the best advice and concern that I can as he feels to blame for his feelings .. and thats not the case for him to feel so badly at 19 ..


Jennie (talk)07:17, 10 December 2008