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The title specified in the {{Mytitle}} template does not gel with the submenu title of "Summary". Not sure if this was intentional.

Also, not sure if the navigation title of "summary" is the correct name for the content of the page (essentially) part of Assignment 1.

BTW -- its a great assignment.

I suggest that we change the activity into an e-Activity using the e-tivity template and renaming the subpage. The Assignment variable in the e-tivity template can reference Assignment 1 Part A: Style, Form and Content.

I also recommend that the assignment is posted as a public blog post -- this is another important dimension of peer-learning support in an open online course. Students can get to see exemplars of good work. The downside is thinking about how to refine the assignments to minimise copying someone else's work. We can think about creative ways of addressing this issue, for example the personal reflection element which in theory should be unique for every learner.

We'll need to work on assessment rubrics - -this are critical for guiding the student expectations and summative assessment.

Mackiwg (talk)17:41, 11 August 2013

Hi Wayne,

Yes, I agree that the placement of the assignment on this page does not fit well with the title Summary. There are a number of units which have assignments located on Summary pages. I think we should consider moving these to their own pages. We've structured the units to largely stand on their own, so we should consider whether the assignments are part of the unit, or part of the course.

And I agree with moving the assignments to the e-tivity template. I think giving them a different look and feel from the Activities will help learners distinguish the two components.


ASnieckus (talk)01:09, 12 August 2013