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Hi everyone,

This template is really coming along. Two WE Workgroups have tried it out (WE Administrators and Style guidelines), and we've made some improvements to the template as a result.

I suggest the following next steps:

  • Move the page to a page in the WikiEducator namespace. Suggestions for where/what to call it, noting that this template is for use by any and all WE groups and teams, not just the Official WE Workgroups?
  • Post to the main WE list requesting community-wide comment and review (one of the steps that we are considering for the WE Workgroups guidelines.
  • Revise our WE Workgroups charter to correspond with this template.

Please share your thoughts on these.

Best, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)06:20, 25 July 2009

I'm going to go ahead with moving this page. I just saw a discussion thread started by Jesse Groppi in a proposed guideline onboilerplates where she suggests putting this page (as an example of a boilerplate) in the Help namespace. I hadn't thought of this as an option before, but it seems right. I will name it Help:Workgroup charter.

ASnieckus (talk)05:45, 31 July 2009