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For me, two solid projects would be the foundation resources for the learner and developing learning design resources.

Many children and adults in the world are looking for skills to get them into the workplace. Good business and academic writing skills are almost proverbially required. These do not have to be set at any particular grade school level to be useful and effective. This is true of Canada as any other member of the COmmonwealth.

The development of learning design is not only needed for an increasingly online educational world, but for different uses of the curriculum materials. The adult in an office in Tuktoyuktuk, Inuvik, who needs to improve his or her writing skills would need learning materials that are designed for adults. The child* being homeschooled in Stewart Lake, BC, needs materials that are close to his or her school curriculum.

To what extent, though, do materials need to be specific to particular needs? Being produced in a more generic form would allow for wider adaptation, perhaps. [Straw man argument:)]

  • If that child were in Urubamba, Peru, would those materials be available in Spanish, however? I assume that curriculum material developed in English has to be separately and independently produced in other languages.
Tippen (talk)13:30, 23 October 2007


I agree with both suggestions, as well as your justifications for these priorities.

Assuming there is interest among the WikiPasifika group on the learning design aspects - WikiEducator already has a fledgling project to look at creating wiki tools to facilitate learning design processes.

I'd be very keen to explore a project where we develop learning design resources using these tools (which are very much still works in progress) as a way to develop something that will take us to the next level in WikiEducator - "three birds with one stone?"

Lets see if there is any interest in our group to take these ideas forward.

Cheers Wayne

Mackiwg (talk)13:30, 23 October 2007