National Youth Policy and Advocacy

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Nellie, Thanks for your moderation on youth policy issues. I am Ekanath. I have already shared my views on it. Regarding the special credit facility for youth, I could not find any special country specific module .There is lot of demand on it at policy level like Kenya National youth policy 2006 document talks about it , hopefully the recent credit IFC credit facility in general could be the outcome of this policy issues in Kneya. I am not so sure about it hope our colleague from Kenya will highlight this issues more explicitly

For Zambia case, for a good start we can take the example of the current CEEC approach for youth investment .The CEEC has already aside some special investment model for youth entrepreneurs in Zambia which eventually may grow in future.

Ekanath (talk)22:47, 17 February 2011

Thanks Ekanath, we await to hear more on the Kenyan experience from the other participants

Nmunala (talk)01:43, 18 February 2011