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I can help in Modul 5 I have good database information but using Access I don't think there will be big differances between Access and Open Office database: Tables relations, Forms, Reports do they?

Rima 07:45, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

Rima (talk)20:45, 5 April 2009


Welcome. I'm so glad you can join us. I don't have a background in databases, so I can't answer your questions. If you don't already have OpenOffice suite loaded on your computer, that's a first step. The download is available on the home page: . Once you have it, you can see how Base works as compared to Access.

Just looking through the CCNC database module, I think the content is quite well developed. It does appear that it needs to be updated to openoffice 3.0 (I found this link to an OO 3.0? Base tutorial: ) and I have copied you on an email to Peter (who is the original author for the Base tutorial) to see if he is interested in continuing the work.

I'm hoping that between us all we can lay out a set of tasks that need to be done.

Look forward to working with you, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)08:51, 6 April 2009