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My display of the WikiEducator Workgroups page is not showing the edit buttons that usually display on the right at each header. Every other page that I've checked includes the edit buttons -- it seems to be just this page. Anyone else having this problem?

Thanks, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)12:22, 3 July 2009

Hi Alison --

I found the problem --- the attribute to specify display of a pedagogical template within the TOC's has a bug -- it seems to interfere with the edit links next to the headings. We'll need to investigate how to fix this.

Mackiwg (talk)17:45, 5 July 2009

Yeah, it's fixed. I had a feeling it related to the TOC add, cause I noticed it soon after I added that. And soon we'll have a Workgroup (technical or pedagogical??) to whom we can request the necessary investigation and correction!


ASnieckus (talk)01:55, 6 July 2009