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The wiki version does not include a discussion of tone in the attributes section. The following text and image are included in the saylor.org version:

Tone refers to the gradation or subtle changes made to a color when it’s mixed with a gray created by adding two complements (see Complementary Color below). You can see various color tones by looking at the color tree mentioned in the paragraph above. Below is a color model showing hue, chroma (the specific intensity of a color) and value.

HSV color solid cone chroma gray.png

I find this section to be confusing. I get the idea of adding gray to a color, but I miss the point about adding two complements. And the image doesn't relate to tone and uses a term which needs defining: chroma. Maybe this section was left out because of these issues.

Just wanted to check.


ASnieckus (talk)14:17, 2 January 2013