Maternity Clinical

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I thought that this Module was very informative. It helped me learn in more detail about the process and benefits of breastfeeding. Specifically, I learned about the different types of breast milk that the mother produces. I learned the first to come is colostrum, which is extremely rich in antibodies. I learned about the foremilk, which is mostly water and the hindmilk, which provides most of the nutrients for the baby. This module also informed me of the benefits that breastfeeding provides for the mother and the baby. A huge benefit that was discussed was the skin to skin contact and bonding experience that the mother and baby experience. This provides psychological and developmental benefits for the baby and the mother. Also I learned that breastfeeding helps mothers to lose weight faster, and can be used as a birth control method. This module provided statistics on the benefits of breastfeeding as well, such as increased cognitive development and increased intelligence. This helped me realize that I need to really encourage breastfeeding to my patients and present the benefits to them.

Boarder2410 (talk)09:39, 28 April 2011