Maternity Clinical

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This education module was very informative and detailed on all of the health benefits of breastfeeding. I learned that there are many psychosocial and physical benefits to both the baby and mother. The most intersting fact that I learned about the psychosocial benefits is that the mother is less likely to have anxiety and depression if she breastfeeds. I would have to agree with this because i believe that the time spent with the child is so crucial to the feeling of accomplishment for the mother. However, I would like to see more education done on how to include fathers in this process because it is something that is missed out on by them. They may feel like they are not a part of the process and also feel like that bonding time is not available to them. In all, this module provided essential information for the breastfeeding process and was vital in showing all of the important factors that are impacted from breastfeeding for the baby and mother.

Cecole (talk)15:33, 27 April 2011