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[[2]] sand box 

The obective of this diary is to exploit the opportunity at the maximum offered under EL4C50 workshop by montoring .

'First Day ‎Wednesday, ‎27 ‎April, ‎2011'

' 'In the morning as I opened laptop read the E mail sent by our facilitator Sh Ramesh Kumar delighted me because it was very timely relevant , motivating and ,suppporting . Keeping in view guidelines I planned activities for the day.It includes ,introduction ,editing user page ,tutorial 3. I tried to log in 'moodle' but password did not work.I want to add certain images in user 's page but could not do so because inserting problem could not understand.Read about tutorial 3 but could not unserstand properly.Introduction is submitted.About six hours are devoted to reading quality of educational resources.Remarks made for participants. Thanked facilitator.

2nd day Thursday
After going through e-mail recieved in morning about 2nd day shedule,prepared plan. About three attempts' has been made to finalise given topic on'quality of education resources . i doubt my submission/contribtion/ edition needs proper formating . could someone help me? However going through different links during the day has cuased to create complex situation about the objective of the work shop.Further study may help me to clear the comlex situation.

3rd day Friday

As  per 3rd day   instructions  ,I found that I have already completed survey .My prefrences are marked and saved,,After printing annual report ,I have read it  and  noted interesting points . Such as  running world known project with computer valued $2000, nominal revenue , with 2 permanent employees,  50% users are older than 45,  so on. One  weak point I found is  that to spread awareness has not been attended at desired level .Wiki educators  specially  from  India   should come forward   at one plateform to spread awareness .Wiki facilitator should  lead .Going through projects in India  I need guidance how can I participate? 

4th day  saturday 

What is Wiki?[edit]

  • It is website
  • Any one can edit who has computer and internet connection 


Examples of Wiki.[edit]

1  Wikipedia

  • Ii is one of the largest most talked website.
  • It has 10,000,000 atricles in 250 languages;
  • The mission is to prepare encyclopedia.

2 Wiki versity

  • It is devoted to learning resources,learning projects research for use in all levels and styles of education from pre school to university.

3 Wikitionary

  • It is free dictionary
  • It includes   thesaurus .rhyme guide,phrase books,language statics and extensive appendices.

4 Wiki quote

  • It is free on line compendium of sourced quations from notable people. .

5 Wiki source

  • It is wiki library

6 Wiki News

  • It includes news and reports

7 Wiki media commons

  • It has data base 10045412 freely usable media files to which any one can contribute

8 Wiki books

  • It has 2363 books with 36363 pages.

9 Wiki travels

  • It provides free complete ,reliable update information about world wide travelling.

10 Akowwiki

  • It helps with technology teaching to staff .

11 Scholarpedia

  • It is project based on system of peer viewIt is project based on system of peer view 

--Harbans Singh 14:31, 30 April 2011 (UTC)

5th day  sunday 1-5-11[edit]

It is about choice of topic under learning contract .After going through instructions I could not decide .After going through annual report of OER foundation I highly appreciate that acute shortage of resources are exploited optimally. For this reason I desire to devote my time for education. I convinced that to spread awareness about OER is as important as creating digital content of high quality. So if such topic is workable, suggestions are requested

--Harbans Singh 14:09, 1 May 2011 (UTC) 

6th day monday 2-511[edit]

As per instructions  sent topic under learning contract.After completing remaing instructions ,going through internal/external links,adding images,some progress has been made adding links specially 'piped' and images.This new skill learning is enjoyable..

--Harbans Singh 16:37, 2 May 2011 (UTC)

Harbns (talk)06:02, 28 April 2011
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I think part of the problem with your Moodle password was you had entered your email address incorrectly in the course registration. I have corrected your email address, so you should now be able to request a password and use Moodle successfully.

Thanks for attending my problem but clue does not work for my unknown reasons.--- harbans

JimTittsler (talk)12:46, 28 April 2011