MBL912L - Assignment 1 Meeting 1

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There was a discussion this week between Victor and I where everyone was included in the mails. But the content of the report is only 17 pages long, however to help the report flow better we decided to start each new heading on a new page.

How does the rest of the team feel about this?

Hermanus Louw (talk)06:17, 16 March 2009

My view would be to comply with the 17 page limit - we could be penalised for not following instructions

JEREMIAH CHAPHXANYA (talk)06:21, 16 March 2009

We are complying with the 17 pages limit in terms of actual work content, it is just the layout that makes it longer, but easier and more clearly defined?

Change or not change? Shungu, your the project leader onthis one what is your opinion?

Hermanus Louw (talk)06:25, 16 March 2009