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Hi, Patricia, There seem to be some problems with the links throughout this unit.

  1. If you click on the Unit name in the CFOS Overview Page, it brings you directly to here. However, there is already another page in this Unit with the title 'Efficiency'
  2. If you click on the Navigation Pane/Template on the article page it will bring you to this other page.
  3. I am guessing that the problem arises because you have used the ampersand (&) in the filename and pathway. I think that this causes problems as that symbol has a different meaning in computer code. If you notice in the URL box above, the code after the & is unfamiliar. In other places, it appears as '%26'.
  4. There also appears to be a spelling error in the pathway to other parts of this unit. 'Effieny' instead of 'Efficiency'.

If you like, I can have a go at sorting this out.

Ed Du Vivier (talk)01:20, 6 December 2007