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I have added a draft version of a nav template to the page. It starts in the collapsed state so only the link to the Proposed guidelines page is visible. I slightly favor having it collapsed so it is less obtrusive but would be fine with it the other way. In addition, I added a link up to the Style guide. It could go below the links to the proposed guidelines -- no real preference for me.

The Add new guideline link just goes to the Proposed guidelines page and is there to make it slightly easier for someone to edit the navigation bar in the future. It does not need to stay if you think it is confusing.

To Do:

  1. A nav template for Wikieducator:Style guide/Proposed guidelines??
  2. Settle on the navigation for WikiEducator:Style_guide/Proposed_guidelines
    1. Update current under discussion subpages
    2. Add more proposed guideline subpages
    3. Update Guideline proposal nav template
Kruhly (talk)18:45, 18 July 2009

The nav template is marvelous! Great job! I agree it should stay collapsed, and I like that it just links to the proposed guidelines page, rather than having an input box.

Jesse Groppi (talk)02:49, 19 July 2009

Thanks. Subpages are enabled now so I changed the page to use SUBPAGENAME in the category. I have updated the three proposed guideline pages with subpagename and the nav bar. Looking good.

Kruhly (talk)03:15, 20 July 2009