Libre Videos and Free File Formats

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Hi Kim,

I agree entirely with open file formats and providing solutions for all users irrespective of their software choices.

I've requested numerous users of non-free software to test the Cortado plugin install on IE (particularly in scenarios where Educators do not have the freedom to install plug ins on desktops which are locked down.) I've not been able to find a workable solution yet. That said, it is hard for me to test this because I do not use non-free software myself and rely on others for feedback.

Ogv play's natively in Firefox without any issues. My concern is for Educators who do not have the freedom to install free software alternatives on their machines.

The OER Foundation is committed to finding a solution which will automatically convert videos server-side into free file formats, and automatically render the appropriate player depending on the browser visiting the WikiEducator site. However -- this requires funding. In the absence of donations and funding support to achieve these goals -- our hands are temporarily tied.


Mackiwg (talk)20:54, 22 December 2010