Lesson plans for the CCNC

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Hi Vishal,

Congratulations on your Wikibuddy certification. I see that your lesson plan is almost finished. Well done.

Not sure if you know about the Commonwealth Computer Navigators Certificate (CCNC) initiative. WE is in the process of developing a full set of course materials for to cover the ICDL equivalent for Open Source Software.

Your lesson plan is a great concept idea to link with the CCNC. Lessons plans like this would be a great resource for trainers and compliment the CCNC course materials for students. Perhaps you want to consider submitting an expression of interest for the CCNC multimedia bounty based on this concept.

Mackiwg (talk)03:00, 25 May 2008

Hi, Thanks indeed!

I have gone through the CCNC page, surely that is where I will try to bring some inputs. Regarding my lesson plan, there is still some work to do and I should complete that very soon ... hopefully.

Vroopun (talk)04:49, 28 May 2008