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Thanks Alison for sorting out the link issue with me. I had forgotten that bit of the tutorial and had been struggling a bit as a result. Our learning management system is just a way of structuring the on line interaction between staff and students. It allows teachers to structure materials, set and receive assignemnts, carry out surveys etc. We are working with a company to design ours as we go along so it is work in progress. In addition to staff student interactions it can facilitate student student discussions around particular assignments and in general in a space that is limited to our students only. We have a fairly large number of staff so it also has the potential to alow staff to have discussion forums around various threads. It is still fairly new and we have had a few teething problems so the challenge is in getting everyone to use it and explore its potential. I am going to try to embed my user page onto my profile page on the LMS right now. This will be a test to see if we can use wikis as learning and teaching materials within the LMS. I hope this is of some interest. Warm regards--Robin 08:03, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Robin Kirkham (talk)21:03, 22 June 2009


You're welcome. Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question about particular wiki editing format. I did a lot of asking when I first started.

Thanks for the explanation of how your LMS will be used in your school. Seems like it's a real leap forward in helping students and teachers collaborate. I've thought about using a moodle site for some of the collaborative work that I do with teens, but haven't gotten much farther than making an account.

Were you able to embed your user page into the LMS? I'm very interested to try this, also. Like you, my hope is to find ways to effectively use the wiki OERs in a rich learning environment. A number of WE members work with their students right on WikiEducator. There will probably be many different methods, each suited to a different situation.

Cheers, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)06:12, 26 June 2009