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Hi Vijayshri,
You are not later than myself (i have late written all over my middle name). I am certeinly
enjoying this workshop more profoundly than i ever thought.
i dont even think i have enjoyed any other before in my life. Thank you all.
Victor.mensah (talk)01:53, 12 February 2008

I am at a similar late point in the workshop, writing this on day 10 and running about 2 days behind, working through day 8 content today, but I have an overwhelming feeling this was a good choice to undertake this workshop. I have 3 teaching or quasi-teaching jobs and am taking a series of online courses, and I feel a new focus and skill about how to manage these experiences and responsibilities with the web and OER that includes but goes beyond the project I am "officially" doing for the workshop. I even have an idea for a political wiki project aside from my educational endeavors and have researched where political wikis might be hosted.

Coach215 (talk)08:08, 7 February 2009