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Hello everybody,

This is part of Tutorial 8, so here I am leaving a message on this thread.

I find this tool pretty nifty in the wiki!

Reading through the comments in the thread, I think that this is also a good tool to get people practising editing input from other people. My learners rarely want to edit the work of others directly but are happy about leaving comments (like in pbwiki comment feature) and so using this thread tool would be like a 'soft introduction' to this 'participative editing culture'.

For example, I'm randomly copy/pasting a comment already posted in this thread, then editing it as a model for ELT learners:

Newbies were Folk were not sure where to place their reponses,

# Derekc (Talk | contribs)
  1. 22:19, 18 October 2007

and would suggest that it reads better as

Newbies were folk who were not sure where to place their reponses,

After this stepping stone, learners could then be encouraged to make direct edits to content pages.

My question now is: I have just copy/pasted the source in the thread to take the reader back to the original author and date of posting. Is there a better way to do this in this thread? --Mowik 10:26, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

Mowik (talk)22:26, 5 March 2008