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Hi all I am planning to focus my session around developing a successful blog, delivered via Ellluminate. The guest speaker Marcus Wilson (who happens to be my husband!) will talk with the group about his experience with blogging. He has a widely read blog called 'Physics Stop' and another blog that he contributes to regularly as part of a group called 'Teaching Talk'.
I would like to make this as relevant as possbile to those who attend, therefore am asking for ideas on what you think it would be useful to cover. Questions that I may focus the session around are:
How do you address a community/ audience that you don't have a full handle on?
How can you make your blog attractive and engaging?
What are some of the key principles/ rules to follow to make a blog successful?
How do you attract people to your blog?
How can you encourage people to comment and connect?

Please leave your ideas on what YOU would like to hear about, either here, or on my blog (I'm going to put a posting up about this soon!)

Karenjwilson (talk)09:08, 28 October 2010

Karen I am really keen to hear how Marcus encourages people to comment and connect, is there a secret?

Kimmymc (talk)01:12, 29 October 2010

Hi Kim, really good question and one I'm sure Marcus will be happy to discuss - although I am sure he would say himself that comments/ people connecting through his blog is something that there is a lot of room for improvement on.

Karenjwilson (talk)12:47, 1 November 2010

I think you've got most of the questions I would ask, especially in view of the fact you only have an hour. I don't think we've done very well with our blogging this year so I think this session will be really useful for us all  :)

SarahStewart (talk)09:06, 31 October 2010