Jane's mini-conference taking time over Delicious and Twitter, a general discussion on other tools

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I have just been tweeted that blogs are becoming less popular as they are so arduous to maintain especially when people also have facebook and twitter to keep going. Microbloging is becoming a preference for many and so my mini-conference may just be a handy stimulant for those of us not quite bought into twitter yet.

Vasi has taken to Twitter like a duck to water and created her own daily 'twitper' come and learn how and why and what response she is getting from people signed on.

Well, I think they will be around for some time to come, is this really a face off between Facebook and Blogger I wonder?

So tomorrow at 4pm NZ time in Elluminate as per my earlier comments. Look forward to 'seeing'you there.


Jane scripps (talk)16:48, 8 November 2010