Issues regarding to generating PDF

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This discussion will host issues about "Download as PDF" feature.

Note. This comments were moved from main page; a thread is needed to keep track of this important topic:

  • Some images are resized when page is converted to PDF. See: MathGloss/A/Algebra
  • System fails to generate PDF for this page: MathGloss/B/Base_2_Numeral_System. Can't manage these LaTeX codes: \begin{align} ... \end{align}.
  • Tables are lost when page is converted to PDF. See: MathGloss/S/Standard_deviation.
  • Alison: I changed some styling to the table. I works on screen, it also works on PDF but table seems not to understand some CSS codes. Complex LaTeX Formula is also lost. Fixed
  • PDF Manager still can't manage "DIV" tag, CSS properties/attributes.
Chela5808 (talk)02:59, 12 February 2009