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My name is Mike Bogle. I work in the central Learning & Teaching department at the University of New South Wales as the eLearning Research Officer. Primarily this involves tracking and evaluating emerging technology and assessing ways they can be used to support learning and teaching. As such I've got a firm grasp on what new technologies exist or are just coming out, however there are significant gaps in what I know about facilitation and learning theory. I come primarily from a technical background and have reached the point where I really want to expand my understanding of pedagogy, learning theory, and the more practical aspects of organising courses and facilitating/supporting learning experiences.

This time around I'd like to participate in this course in an informal capacity initially (due to time constraints), but look forward to really getting my teeth into the resources and discussions that lay ahead.

My contact details are as follows:


Mike Bogle

Mikebogle (talk)03:56, 16 July 2008

Hi Mike, I am really looking forward to the first week where we get a chance to meet through web conferencing and tease out the many perspective people like yourself are bringing to this course. I hope you can keep 6 hours a week open for the course, but we all understand if you can't. I expect many here will be in the same boat.. so as long as we have you some of the time and others for other times, we should be good all the way through :)

Leighblackall (talk)22:00, 17 July 2008