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I would be keen to talk to anyone else about developing learning materials for high schools especially. I am engaged in developing the Botany Downs Secondary College Learning Management System

Robin Kirkham (talk)16:13, 19 June 2009

Robin, I'm also very interested in developing learning materials for high schools. Online materials have a great potential to contribute to a more individualized learning environment for students, which is the main reason that we homeschool. (BTW, thanks for your note on my page.) Homeschooling is one option to create a more personalized learning environment, but I think a better option is a learning center approach -- a place that helps teenagers manage their own learning. It can provide classes, but it's more important function would be to help students find and use classes, internships, informal learning opportunities... that fulfill their learning goals. It would engage the students to be in charge of their own learning.

I'm not very familiar with learning management systems. I checked out your link, and noticed that it wasn't set up correctly, so I fixed it. Wiki editing for external links is different from internal ones. External links list the url, a space, and then the text to display. Internal links list the portion of the url after the first slash (/), a pipe (|), and then the text to display. Here's the difference:

Hope that helps.

I think WikiEducator offers a wonderful environment for developing the kinds of learning materials that will be able to serve teenaged learners.

Cheers, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)13:24, 21 June 2009

Thanks Alison for sorting out the link issue with me. I had forgotten that bit of the tutorial and had been struggling a bit as a result. Our learning management system is just a way of structuring the on line interaction between staff and students. It allows teachers to structure materials, set and receive assignemnts, carry out surveys etc. We are working with a company to design ours as we go along so it is work in progress. In addition to staff student interactions it can facilitate student student discussions around particular assignments and in general in a space that is limited to our students only. We have a fairly large number of staff so it also has the potential to alow staff to have discussion forums around various threads. It is still fairly new and we have had a few teething problems so the challenge is in getting everyone to use it and explore its potential. I am going to try to embed my user page onto my profile page on the LMS right now. This will be a test to see if we can use wikis as learning and teaching materials within the LMS. I hope this is of some interest. Warm regards--Robin 07:57, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

Robin Kirkham (talk)19:57, 22 June 2009