Internet and the storm

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Hello Simon,

I read your message about the storm and the problems it caused with your internet connection.

Do you think you'll be able to get a high-speed connection to the internet in the near future?

Good luck with everything,

John Saint Petersburg, Russia

Johnkuti (talk)00:02, 8 December 2008

Hi John,

Thank you for the interest in my Institution and my elearning progress. I was crossed with the storm but I am ok now. My Institution does not have a website as yet but i will let you know as soon as we have one up and running. I still have to learn a few more wiki skills and then I will be ready to collaborate with you. My high speed connection will be ready anytime this week. A little too late though. I will keep you posted.


Siphomaseko (talk)09:45, 9 December 2008