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Hi Stephen! Your page is looking interesting so far. Given your content I think a table of contents with links to sections could greatly enhance it. See what you think...

Yasmeen (talk)10:03, 4 July 2008

Hi Yasmeen!

I'm very sorry I haven't answered sooner. We've been house-hunting and, despite their massive size, they are not that easy to trap!

Thank you for your input, it's greatly appreciated as I enter my novitiate. I will add a contents page as I develop more content. It will take time but it is a work in progress for my progress!

I have this strange concern that, although I am developing a greater appreciation of the web and wikis in particular, I want my material to be not only interesting but useful to the reader. In my continuing discovery of how to make better use of my finite and fragile time I therefore feel the weight of importance of not wasting the readers time.

Best wishes,


Heartsr3 (talk)23:34, 8 July 2008