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Talk with Yasmeen 30 September 2022

Contact-new.svg Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil
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This user was certified a Wiki Apprentice Level 2 by Mackiwg .

Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil

Hello everyone! My name is Yasmeen Yusuf-Khalil and I am from Jamaica. I work at the University of the West Indies, Campus in the Centre for Gender and Development Studies, Regional Coordinating Unit [1].

I wish to contribute a resource to WikiEducator that will be both useful to me as a distance educator as well as to other educators. I have undertaken to write a unit suitable for a distance education Study Guide. However, I am not yet sure what that unit will be on.

Join me on the next page for a Brainstorming Exercise where we will list possible topics/units for a distance education study guide .

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On completion of my wiki training I will be able to:

  • Use syntax in the design of my user page
  • Use templates to create an attractive and user friendly wiki
  • Communicate with other wiki users to edit content.

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Go to the following page and brainstorm the topic. Add at least one idea for the Study Guide.

Upcoming Assignments

(Comment.gif: Wow! That's an impressive user page -- you've made excellent progress.)