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It is possible to have have some interaction on objective type assessment. User:Kruhly has done some work on this, and he has a few links to examples.

Peter (who is working on the CCNC has also being using a few MCQ questions - see for example:

on this page

We need to think carefully when designing content on WikiEd. WikiEducator is primarily an environment designed for collaborative authoring of DE materials - and is not intended to replace or replicate the functionality of learning management systems.

Ideally I would like to see WikiEd content being exported to different formats, eg Print and hopefully an IMS content package in the future. So we need to think about the advantages and disadvantages when including these kinds of interactions.

Have fun

Mackiwg (talk)03:31, 6 November 2007

Thanks, Wayne for the information and clarification. I also see wikiEd as a great way to prepare learning materials to be used in various contexts. Soon I will start a new project and upload the material on a topic of distance learning. At present, the document is being finalized for a creative commons release by Asian Society for Open and Distance Education. I am planning to put that in WikiEd too.

regards, Sanjaya

Missan (talk)03:31, 6 November 2007