Integrativeness in Wikis

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Dear educators,

I have an interest in studying integrativeness in Wikis. The notion of integrativeness was first introduced by Gardner and Lambert in 1958 in a Canadian educational environment, where they studied second language learners' motivation and found that learners are very likely to attain success when they are driven to integrate in the target language community. I am seeking to answer whether or not in other sociocultural settings, like Wikis, integrativeness takes on new meanings and whether or not  there are any other motives driving people to join Wikis if it is not integrativeness.

Please share with me your ideas.

Best regards

--Anhpham 01:34, 2 September 2010 (UTC)

Anhpham (talk)14:34, 2 September 2010

I am very interested in your research and would like to collaborate with you in order to know more. Have you published anything in WE or elsewhere that you'd like to share?

Bnleez (talk)02:35, 13 September 2010