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Hi User:Missan

I'm very happy with the progress on the Moodle bounty -- a few initial reflections on the survey questions.

We're not particularly interested in whether or not these institutions participate in the OER movement for the survey.


  • We can drop this question: Is your institute involved in creation of Open Content materials (CC-BY-SA license)? Yes/No -- Similarly we can also drop this question -- Have you developed any free content resource (CC-BY-SA license)? Yes/No, If yes, give Links:
  • We're focused on evaluating current professional development strategies -- so we can drop this question: Are you satisfied with the training support available for Moodle? Yes/No

I think we need to think about the logical order of the questions --

For example, the question on how you currently provide professional development support for Moodle users should be placed directly after the demographic questions. I think we should also think and categorise the alternatives, for example:

1. Hands on, Face-to-face workshops on campus 2. Online help materials provided by your institution 3. Moodle community support forums 4. Training courses provided by third party providers 5. The Moodle certification course 6. etc. 7. Other

I think we need a question on the department responsible for providing academics with professional training support for Moodle users:

1. IT or similar department 2. Professional development unit/centre 3. Dedicated eLearning/ distance education unit 4. Other

We need a question on the most appropriate contact person -- should the institution want to collaborate on the development of professional resources for Moodle.

It is still somewhat premature to upload the survey instrument at this stage. I would like to get some initial feedback from selected folk in the target audience on the actual questions and the formats used. When I get back from my home leave early in April -- we can take a look at getting feedback on the questionnaire. In the mean time -- lets look at refining the questionnaire.

I'd like to tweak the bounty a little and deal with the actual survey and interpretation of results as a second phase bounty. Next steps:

  • Refine the questions in the survey
  • With regards to all the free content resources listed so far -- could you please establish the actual license used for the materials.

Having done this -- I'm comfortable that the requirements for the bounty have been met. We can deal with the actual survey in the next phase.


Mackiwg (talk)09:36, 13 March 2008

Dear Wayne,
I have done the tasks as suggested by you. Hope it is OK. We can still tweek it as it is on Wiki. I am now a real fan of Wikis and Blogs.

I will send the bounty claim to you soon.

With regards, Sanjaya --Missan 10:10, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Missan (talk)23:10, 13 March 2008