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Use of Moodle for Free Content Professional Development Materials:
A Survey in the Commonwealth Countries

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


  1. Name of the Institution:
  2. Address 1:
  3. Address 2:
  4. Address 3:
  5. City:
  6. Country:
  7. Zip Code:
  8. Web link:
  9. Email Contact:
  10. Level of Education: Primary/Scondary and Sr. Secondary/ Higher Education/ Further Education


  1. How training support for Moodle is provided in your institute? Hands on, F2F Workshop on Campus/Online Help though institutional webpages/Online Support through a Moodle course/ Community Forums/Training Course provided by third party/ Moodle Certification Course/ Printed materials/ Videos/ Telephone support/ Other (Please specify)
  2. Kindly provide in brief the support available in your institution for Moodle users? (Open ended-text box)
  3. Who is primarily responsible for the professional training support to Moodle users in your institute? IT Department/ Professional/ Staff Development Centre/Distance Learning Centre/ E-Learning Centre/ Other (Please specify)
  4. Have you developed any professional development training materials for Moodle? Yes/ No, if yes, are you willing to share under CC-BY-SA license? Yes/No.
  5. Would you be interested to collaborate on the development of professional resources for Moodle? Yes/No
  6. Moodle Used in your Institute since: _ _ _ _ Year
  7. Approximate Numner of Faculty Using Moodle: _ _ _
  8. Approximate Number of Srudents Using Moodle: _ _ _
  9. Most appropriate Moodle Contact Person Name:
    1. Designation:
    2. Email:
  10. Any other comments: