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Wow -- I'm impressed with initial edits on the ESC landing page. You're off to a good start. Clearly there are a few wiki naturals on your team :-). Don't hesitate to [User:Mackiwg|contact me]] if you need any help.

I like the idea of introducing key people at ESC with the photos on the landing page -- it creates a sense of "family" and "connectedness". As your portal page grows -- you may want to explore using a dedicated "People" sub-page for this purpose to accommodate the range of profile information you want for your window to the OER world via WikiEducator.

A few thoughts about the "about" page

ESC has a unique history as an open pioneer. Your organisation roots are well aligned with the open philosophy, and the About page is a good place to profile this and add value to your institution's OER concept brand.

  • Examples for generating ideas for your about page
  • The vision of the Open University for New York is a significant anchor point illustrating the alignment with OER.
  • Reviewing a few of your President's you-tube videos -- I was particularly impressed with President Davies' point the open is not limited to the notion of open access, any time and anywhere learning but rather a "way of being'. It would be great if you were able to incorporate a short video vignette where the president includes this message. You can also think about a compilation of snippets from key leaders in the ESC team for your video.
Mackiwg (talk)10:58, 27 May 2011