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Hi Kirby,

I teach intro stats (to 5 students, aged 14-18). The basis of the course is the online stats course at Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative. Then once per week we meet face-to-face for 1.5 hours to discuss ideas and to have some fun with the topics they have studied (e.g., they've designed a measurement process for fun-size m&m packages and asked library patrons to respond to 2 survey questions (very real-world, lots of non-response). This is my first year teaching the course, so I've been busy finding and devising fun stuff to do.

We are just starting in with probability. I love the ideas that you've included on this page, in particular the investigations. Are you planning to provide more info about each of these? How are you planning to organize these materials? One thought might be to put each investigation on a separate page (a subpage of Casino Math).

I'm interested to learn where you are going with this and am happy to help in whatever way could be helpful, e.g., developing specific materials, trying out ideas.

ASnieckus (talk)06:01, 26 November 2009