ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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Hello Brian,

This is an interesting topic and the fastest growing business in the world which the youth can exploit. ICT Substainability is an investment which continue to produce returns, financially through education and social means. The role of ICT in Enterprise Substainability are as follows:

  • To provide access to markets and jobs
  • To promote competition and efficiency
  • It can enable wealth creation and reduction through applications example as price discovery and  marketing assistance
  • To find jobs through online job searching tools.
  • It enable transfer of information faster through  shared electronic files and networked computers
  • It helps in data processing,  documentation and other back-up functions
  • It helps to store information
  • It helps to reduce transaction costs and increasing the speed and reliability of transactions

The only software i have idea on  is the autocad in graphic design and I don't know it very well. I want to know the different softwares, please.

Ubandoma (talk)02:38, 18 March 2011

just today, a read an article that listed the top five growing careers and the first two are technology jobs. its amazing that today, you cant imagine just how we used to live before the dawn of the Internet. the faces of corporation are now websites and you can transact with any business available online in the comfort of your space

Brian.sikute (talk)07:38, 18 March 2011