ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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In the discussion paper, sustainability was defined as "Investments which continue to produce a return". The role of ICT in Enterprise sustainability is diverse since most enterprises need to move with the current and modern way of doing things. Some of the roles are that:
1. Enterprises through ICT can be promoted to be more
i. efficient,
ii. profitable,and
iii. thereby creating or safeguarding jobs.

Enterprise development does not only concern marketing and sales, but all other areas which constitute its value chain and requires effective communication and co-operation within the enterprise. Some of the other areas that ICT can play a great role in Enterprise Sustainability are creating networks with other colleagues in the same enterprise,out-of office working (automation), finance (software for all the financial and accounting processes) and maximising of work inputs and outputs with lots of professionalism.

Some available software solutions for Business Enterprises.

Most of the softwares are generic  but I feel they can also be used for Business Enterprises.
A. Collaboration Suites
i. Assembla: Online workspaces for distributed team. Project management and collaboration tools, bug and issue tracking, wikis. Includes a real-time Team Room.
ii. CodeBeamer: Includes project management, wiki, document management, issue tracking and version control management.
iii. Central Desktop: Includes project management, wiki, file upload, review and approve, calendar, document management
iv. dotProject
v. eGroupWare
etc. Source

B. Web Browses

    i. Opera

   ii. Firefox

C. Office Suites

   i. Open Office
D. Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

  I do not have any vivid idea about softwares under this heading that can be available for sustainable Business Enterprises.

--Kafuiaheto 13:01, 17 March 2011 (UTC)

Kafuiaheto (talk)01:01, 18 March 2011

technology enables us to do business faster and greatly improves the accuracy with which we work and perform tasks.

Brian.sikute (talk)06:42, 18 March 2011

 Brian you have reminded me of Bill Gates book "Business at the Speed of Thought". Surely business must be done at the speed of our thoughts or click of a mouse or pushing of a mobile phone key.

GabKon (talk)08:53, 19 March 2011

Hey guys, mwaba and kafuiheto, thanks very much for that infor....i was really in the dark

Isaac.fwemba (talk)01:34, 19 March 2011