ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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1. What is your understanding of the role of ICTs in Enterprise Sustainability?

The role of ICTs in Enterprise Sustainability can be seen from two angles:

  • Economic sustainability: achieved when a given level of expenditure can be maintained over time.
  • Social sustainability: achieved when social exclusion is minimised and social equity maximised

2. What available software solutions are sustainable for Business Enterprises? Please give examples in the following classes:-

  • Collaboration Suites: Google groups, Blogs
  • Web Browsers: Firefox, Opera
  • Office Suites: OpenOffice.org Productivity Suite
  • Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design: Scribus, Avery DesignPro
GabKon (talk)08:48, 19 March 2011

Collaboration Suites:Blogs,User groups such as google groups Web Browsers:Opera,firefox. Office suites: Products suites Desktop publishing:Avery Product Design program.


Samipyet2011 (talk)19:40, 19 March 2011