ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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Hi Brian and Hi All,

Am sorry i was out of reach yesterday. Thanks for all your very intresting comments. In addition, i would like to comment that The use of ICT enhances business operations, in terms of time management and cost effectiveness,It makes business easier and faster.

ICT provides the entrepreneur a platform to provide information and services at the same time and within the same location, in a cost effective manner to both employees and customers .e.g. with ICT an enterprise can share information within and with others outside the firm, market products and conduct business transaction with customers online, publish vital information and get valuable feedback all within the same location with less time than it would have required without the use of ICT.

The role of ICT in enterprise sustainability therefore, lies in the fact that it enhances business operations which results in improved profits and greater efficiency.

Shining Star (talk)22:34, 18 March 2011