ICTs and Enterprise Sustainability

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Dear Brian & Colleagues

Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) as they are commonly known have not only bridged the gap between the worlds but also improved the way in which businesses are run. In this age of technology, ICTs play a very important role in the sense that it one can be said to be doomed if they do not make use of these ICTs. Some examples of ICTs that can be use in enterprise sustainability include computers, printers, telephones, cellphones, the World Wide Web or internet, radios among the few. These technologies have improved the way in which we do business as they have helped in:

1. The efficiency. 2. Advertising and promotions of technologies. 3. Increased access to where we can locate and find goods. 4. Improved the record keeping and management of information within the organization 5. Increased sales and profits 6. Improved employee input & output

No. 2

Web Browsers Under web browsers

• Firefox • Yahoo • Internet Explorer • Google • Ajax

Office Suites

Some of the examples under office suites include:

• OpenOffice.org • KOffice • LibreOffice • WPS Office • Ability Office • SoftMaker, • Easy Office • Microsoft Office

I am yet to research on Collaboration suites and Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design

Mwaba (talk)03:50, 18 March 2011

Hi Mwaba, an interesting point you have brought concerning the bridging the digital gap or divide. There have been arguments as what exactly this 'gap' is with some saying the gap does not exist. i wont go into that but what i always think about when is comes up is the fact we should be talking about 'closing' and not 'bridging'. But for ICTs to be fully exploited other enablers are necessarily like availability of electricity.

The internet explorer web browser is a commercial product just like MS office. Licenses fees for these can be very expensive.

Brian.sikute (talk)06:11, 18 March 2011